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Embark on unforgettable wildlife adventures with us! Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned wildlife enthusiast, we offer customised trips, fixed-date departures, and photography expeditions. Join us and explore the wonders of the jungle on thrilling safaris tailored for every explorer.

Get to Know Us

Welcome to The Jungle Story, where three passionate wildlife enthusiasts—a Doctor, an Engineer, and a Photographer—bring the untamed magic of the jungle to life.


Our adventure began with two of us exploring the wilds for over two decades, while our third member was a newcomer to the jungle's wonders. On a meticulously crafted journey by the Doc, our rookie was spellbound by the thrill of spotting a tiger for the first time, and the exhilarating stillness while tracking tigers through wildlife calls.


With the Photographer's talent for capturing these breathtaking moments, we found ourselves reliving the splendor of our jungle safaris again and again. These experiences ignited a passion in us to share this enchantment with fellow adventurers.


From the thrill of seeing a tiger emerge from the shadows to the delight of spotting diverse bird species to enjoying the eerie silence of the ‘dead’ jungle when it rains, we're here to immerse you in the magic of the wild. Whether you crave luxurious vacations or rugged adventures, we are eager to make your jungle safari—whether it’s your first or your fiftieth—an unforgettable journey.


Join us as we traverse the wilds of India and Kenya, offering unforgettable India tiger safaris, exemplary Masai tours and beyond.

Dive into The Jungle Story, and let us guide you through the wonders of the jungle and safari like never before.


Our Vision

In the heart of the dense woods, the intricate balance of nature reveals itself through a myriad of emotions—aggression, harmony, love, and calm—all in their beautiful, imperfect perfection.

Whether you crave luxurious vacations or rugged adventures, we are dedicated to providing uniquely curated wildlife journeys that deliver both thrill and tranquility.

Join us on our quest to explore and cherish the wonders of the wild.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you to experience and cherish the wonders of nature as we have over the past two decades. Our mission extends to the next generation, as we believe in teaching kids about nature by immersing them in it. Nothing like learning T for Tiger by pointing out to one! We aspire to cultivate a deep love and reverence for the natural world in its purest form. Understanding that booking a wildlife trip can often feel overwhelming, our goal is to make this process seamless and enjoyable for our patrons.

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