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Got Questions regarding Safaris in India?

We are here for you. Check if we have answered it below, else leave us a message or a call.

Know a little bit about wildlife safaris...

Will I see a tiger for sure?


Seeing a tiger during a safari in the jungle is a thrilling experience, but sightings cannot be guaranteed as tigers are wild and elusive animals. The guides are experience and very well trained in tracking a tiger. The thrill of listening to calls and tracking the tiger is something with experiencing. The guides will take you to the best spots known for tiger activity to maximize your chances.

Which is the best park for a chance of tiger sighting?


India is home to several renowned tiger reserves, each with its own charm. Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, and Tadoba are often cited as the best parks for a higher chance of tiger sightings due to their robust tiger populations.

Do you know the tiger sighting activity beforehand?


Our network stays updated about the latest tiger activity. We suggest national parks with the most active tiger sightings. We stay updated on recent tiger movements and sightings, but it's important to remember that tigers are unpredictable. While, you wait for the tiger, we assure you will fall in love with the experience of the jungle in itself. The other animals, birds, the terrain that keeps changing, the trees and most importantly, the thrill!

Which is the best season for a chance to spot a tiger?

The best season for spotting tigers in India is typically the summer months (April to June) when water sources dry up and tigers are more likely to be seen near the remaining water bodies. However, winter months (October to March) also offer good sightings and more comfortable weather for a safari in the jungle.

When should I book a tiger safari?

It's best to book your tiger safari as early as possible, ideally 4-5 months in advance. Popular destinations and prime seasons can get fully booked within days, especially around holiday periods like Diwali and summer vactions.

Can you customize the trip for me?

Absolutely! The Jungle Story specializes in creating tailor-made wildlife tours to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you want a luxurious experience or an adventurous one, we can plan the perfect trip for you.

How much will the trip cost?

The cost of an India safari can vary depending on the park, the duration of the trip, the type of accommodation, and other personalized services. Contact us at The Jungle Story for a customized quote based on your preferences.

Can I book my safari after reaching the resort?


While some parks might offer on-the-spot bookings, it's risky to rely on this option as safaris are often fully booked in advance. Pre-booking ensures you don't miss out on this incredible experience.

Is the trip cancelable? What are the cancellation charges?

Cancellation policies vary depending on the park and the type of booking. Generally, there is no refund for safaris. Hotels and resorts on the other hand, have their own cancellations policies. Please contact us for specific details about cancellation policies and charges.

What kind of accommodation do you offer? Are there resort and hotels or only tented accommodations?


We offer a range of accommodations from luxury resorts to comfortable hotels, ensuring a pleasant stay during your jungle safari. All accommodations are selected for their quality service and proximity to the safari zones.

What should I wear for the safari?

Wear comfortable, neutral-colored clothing to blend in with the environment. Avoid wearing bright colours like red, orange, etc. Try camouflage clothing if possible. We suggest clothing from Decathlon. Light, long-sleeved shirts and pants are recommended to protect against sun and insects. Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses, and sturdy shoes.

Are the safaris safe?


Yes, safaris are conducted under strict safety guidelines by the Government of India or local government Forest Department.

I have a child with me; is it safe to take the child along?

Yes, it is safe to take children on a jungle safari, but it's important to follow safety guidelines and instructions from your guide. Safaris can be a great way to educate children about wildlife and nature.

Can I carry my pet on the safari?


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on safaris to ensure the safety of both your pet and the wildlife.

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