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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve,created in 1955, one of India’s finest and oldest national parks, nestled in the heart of Maharashtra. Spanning approximately 625 square kilometers, Tadoba is renowned for its thriving tiger population, offering visitors a thrilling chance to witness these majestic big cats in their natural habitat.


Fauna at Tadoba:


With over 150 tigers, 151 leopards and 300 other species of other animals roaming its dense forests, Tadoba promises an unforgettable wildlife experience. The reserve is also home to leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, and a plethora of bird species, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers alike.


Personalities of Tadoba:

In Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), several notable tigers have left a lasting impression on visitors and researchers alike. Here are some of the most famous ones:


Maya: Maya was one of the most iconic tigresses of Tadoba. Known for her beauty and fierce demeanor, Maya was a dominant force in the park. She was frequently spotted in various parts of the reserve, captivating visitors with her regal presence.


Wagdoh: Wagdoh was a legendary tiger known for his massive size and powerful build. He ruled over a vast territory within Tadoba and was often seen patrolling his domain with authority. Wagdoh Male was a symbol of strength and resilience in the park.

Scarface: Scarface earned his name due to prominent scars on his face, likely from territorial disputes or hunting encounters. Despite his injuries, Scarface was a formidable tiger who commanded respect in Tadoba. He was often sighted in the core areas of the reserve, showcasing his survival instincts.

Choti Tara: Choti Tara was a beloved tigress known for her gentle demeanor and maternal instincts. She was frequently seen with her cubs, providing visitors with heartwarming moments of wildlife interaction. Choti Tara's presence added to the enchanting allure of Tadoba's tiger population.

Gabbar: Gabbar was a dominant male tiger known for his imposing stature and commanding presence. He was often spotted in the buffer zones of the reserve, establishing himself as a dominant force in the surrounding areas.


Matkasur: Matkasur was a legendary male tiger known for his elusive nature and enigmatic presence. He was frequently sighted in the core areas of the park, captivating visitors with his mysterious allure and elusive sightings.


These notable tigers, among others, have contributed to the rich legacy of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, enriching the park's natural heritage and captivating the hearts of visitors with their beauty, strength, and grace.


Flora at Tadoba:


Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) showcases a diverse range of flora, with teak trees dominating its landscape alongside other deciduous species like mahua, ain, and bija. Dense bamboo thickets provide shelter for various wildlife species while adding to the reserve's natural beauty. TATR's grasslands and meadows offer grazing grounds for herbivores such as deer and gaur. The reserve's water bodies, including the Tadoba Lake, support aquatic plants like water lilies and lotus, enhancing the ecosystem's diversity. Overall, Tadoba's rich flora plays a crucial role in sustaining its vibrant wildlife population, making it a thriving haven for biodiversity.


Seasons of Tadoba:


Summer (March to June): Temperatures soar up to 45°C, but this is the best time for tiger sightings as animals gather around waterholes.


Monsoon (July to September): The park is lush and green, but heavy rains make it less accessible. The core zones remain closed for safaris during this season. However, the buffer zones are open.


Winter (October to February): The weather is pleasant, ranging between 25°C to 30°C. This is an ideal time for a comfortable visit and to enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest.


Best Season to Visit Tadoba: The best time to visit Tadoba is from October to June, with peak tiger sightings usually occurring in the summer months of March to June.


Zones of Tadoba


Moharli Zone: Varied landscape with dense forests, open grasslands, and water bodies. Scenic viewpoints offering panoramic views of the reserve.

Navegaon Zone: Varied landscape including forests, grasslands, and water bodies. Offers scenic views and diverse habitats for wildlife.

Kolara Zone: Dense forest cover with rugged terrain. Offers a mix of grasslands, water bodies, and rocky outcrops.

Pangadi and Zari Zone: Remote and less explored, offering a wilderness experience. Varied terrain including hills, valleys, and water bodies.


Typical Itinerary for Tadoba:


Day 1:

- Arrive at Tadoba and check into your jungle lodge.

- Afternoon safari for your first tiger tracking experience.

- Evening at leisure, enjoying the sounds of the jungle.


Day 2:

- Early morning safari, aiming for tiger and other wildlife sightings.

- Packed breakfast in the forest amidst nature.

- Safari continues.

- Return to the forest to freshen up and have lunch.

- Afternoon safari to explore more of Tadoba's diverse habitats.

- Dinner and overnight stay at the lodge.


Day 3:

- Morning safari for one last adventure in the jungle.

- Packed breakfast in the forest amidst nature.

- Safari continues

- Post-safari freshen up and check-out from the lodge.

- Depart for your onward journey with unforgettable memories of Tadoba.


Season-wise Safari Timings:


Summer (March to June):

Morning Safari: 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Afternoon Safari: 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM


Winter (October to February):

Morning Safari: 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Afternoon Safari: 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM

(Note: Safari timings may vary slightly, we will update the timings of the safari prior to your trip.)


Embark on an exhilarating journey to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the wilderness. Whether you're a seasoned safari-goer or a first-time visitor, Tadoba offers an unparalleled wildlife experience that will leave you spellbound.

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